Sir, That was an admirable letter you sent to Ernst Zündel. God bless you for taking the time to write it.

Ronald Knarr, 25-09-2007


You have changed much in my life, and my faith in God has increased more and more since I have read your [geocentric] material.

Dr. Matthew Johnson, 14-07-2007


Thanks for the great work you are doing.

Nicholas Niemann, 03-09-2004


[Geocentric Universe version 2.1] runs fantastic.

Georg Duve, 09-07-2004


Thank you for your work [on geocentrism].

Allen Daves, 05-07-2004


The CD [is] brilliant!

Wendy Mackey, 23-06-2004


Thanks for your continued & important efforts ...

Philip Snow, 22-06-2004


May God continue to bless your understanding and writing.

Eric Curnow, 02-09-2003